Inductive Bible Studies

In-depth Bible studies using Precept Ministries International materials

If you're unfamiliar with Precept Ministries International or the Inductive Bible Study method, go here to learn more.

Precept Bible Study is a straightforward investigative approach to opening the Bible and building the context for each statement it contains. That's where God's precepts - or principles - are found for life.

Inductive study is the tool used to investigate and collect those precepts to build a Bible-centered worldview with the intended purpose of living the abundant, victorious life in Christ.

Our goal is changing lives by connecting people with Christ through His Word.

Tuesday Evenings - restarting on January 16, 2018

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Studies this Fall (and Spring) include...


Isaiah is the crown jewel of Old Testament prophets, a book that strikes awe in the heart of its reader, especially when its poetry is read in the Hebrew. Prophecies from Isaiah are mentioned in twenty-two places in the Gospels, Acts, and Romans. The words of Isaiah were often found on the lips of the Christ, the Messiah prophesied in Isaiah. If Jesus, God incarnate, honored this grand and glorious book so highly, then you and I ought to do the same.

Beginning in September 2017...Part 1 (covering chapters 1-39) is called "The Word...The Remnant, and the Promise". In this study, we'll meet the Holy One of Israel, and learn how He deals with those who claim Him as God but don't honor Him as God in the way that they live. And we'll find the destiny of nations, the future of all mankind ... including ours.

Beginning in January 2018...Part 2 (covering chapters 40-66) is called "Comfort My People". In this study, the Lord told Isaiah to speak kind words to Israel. He wanted to comfort His people with His words. After their punishment for sins, there will be great restoration for them. This study will give you a taste of the world's future. 

Matthew *

Who is the promised Messiah, the King who will sit on the throne of David? What is His kingdom? What is the character and lifestyle of those who are a part of this kingdom?

Beginning in September 2017...Part 1 "The King and his Kingdom" answers these questions and brings you face-to-face with the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. Walk with Jesus through the towns and villages of the Galilee, see the miracles He performs—healing the sick, casting out demons, calming the seas. Listen to His teaching as He explains His kingdom. And then evaluate your life against the standard Jesus holds high and ask: Does my life show that I’m part of His kingdom?

Beginning in January 2018...As we study Part 2 "The Christ, the Son of the Living God", you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the resurrection and its power in your life. When Jesus came, did people receive Him as the promised Messiah? What did they say about His miracles and His teaching? What caused them to call for His crucifixion? He says He’s coming back. If He came today, would people recognize Him?  Then take up the challenge to share the gospel with others.

* The Matthew study is a good study for people who are new to Precepts Bible Studies.

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