Discovery Clubs


1st Grade:

Missions is all about people hearing about and choosing to worship JESUS! We will learn about Jesus and why He came to earth. In each lesson, we will view a segment of the children’s version of the JESUS FILM, participate in creative learning activities and “travel” to different countries! We will also learn to share the gospel using the Wordless Book colors.

2nd Grade:

We will learn what it means to be “G.C. (Great Commission) Kids” and how to respond with compassion to "Children in Crisis" around the world.  Africa is our theme country so we will learn some new words, new games and African customs as well as learn about some of our global partners who serve in Africa. We will enjoy games, crafts, and snacks and learn to share Jesus using a nifty tool called the “flipper-flapper”!

3rd Grade:

We will learn to W.R.A.P. the World in Prayer! and share Jesus using a cool tool called the EvangeCube! We will be introduced to our Calvary Church global partners who serve in Europe and use a variety of games, crafts and food to introduce the students to a variety of European cultures.

4th Grade:

God gives us the awesome privilege of being used to make His name known around the world! We’ll learn that we can do that by getting involved as Prayers, Givers, Senders, Connectors, Welcomers, and Goers. We will also learn about Bible Translation and the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Read Around the World

In October, Discovery Club kids will be invited to participate in our Read Around the World missions reading incentive program. Information will be sent home with your child in October and will be available in the library.