Sunday School

Doors Open

Each Sunday, the classroom doors will open at 9:00am. Valuable Small Group time takes place right in the beginning, so please plan to arrive no later than 9:15am!  Parents of 1st through 4th graders must accompany their children to their classrooms to check them in, and then pick them up at the end of class.


"One God, One Story, One Purpose" takes first through fourth graders on a chronological journey through the Bible twice. Our desire is that the children will grow to know and love our great God who is the loving Creator of the universe. We want them to see God as the Bible's main character and learn how they fit into His purpose of redeeming people from every tongue, tribe, and nation resulting in His greatest glory!  We emphasize not only learning what Scripture means but doing what it says!

1st Grade:

We teach from Creation through the Prophets.

2nd Grade:

We complete the Old Testament and teach through the New Testament.

3rd Grade:

We teach from Creation through the Prophets.

4th Grade:

We journey through the rest of the Old Testament and teach through the New Testament a second time, with completely new lessons and teachers.

Small Groups

We value growing with God’s people. We strongly believe that the children will connect best and grow the most in the context of a small group where they can connect with consistent leaders and the same group of children week to week. Your child will be assigned to a group with either a full-time (every Sunday) or 2 part-time (every other week) leaders. During Sunday School, the children will spend time in their small groups as well as in a large group teaching time.

Devotional Bookmarks

Each week, the children will receive a devotional bookmark, a tool to encourage them to spend time in God's Word at home. Each week's readings will review the lesson taught.

1st Grade Bookmarks

2nd Grade Bookmarks

3rd Grade Bookmarks

4th Grade Bookmarks

Missions Incentive

Children love incentives! In order to help them develop compassion and a desire to invest in God’s work around the globe, we have a missions incentive project. When they come to Sunday School, bring their Bibles, and return their completed Devotional Bookmarks, they earn points towards the missions project for their grade. Children are invited to invest their own money offering towards the project as well.