Sunday School

Game Room

The game room is open between 9:00 and 9:15 on Sunday mornings. At 9:15, the game room is locked and small group time begins in the classroom. Valuable teaching time occurs right at the beginning, so please plan to arrive no later than 9:15!


Throughout the year, we have a variety of Bible teaching units which encourage and challenge the students to dig deeper into God’s Word. Some of the Bible units include:

5th Grade

  • Foundations of our Faith
  • Young Peacemakers
  • The Bible’s Big Picture
  • The Tabernacle: God’s Pattern for Worship
  • Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs
  • The Providence of God

6th Grade

  • A Closer Look at Calvary Church
  • Bible Study Basics
  • Apologetics 101
  • Preparing for Adolescence
  • Fighting the Good Fight

Small Groups

We value growing with God’s people. We strongly believe that the students will connect best and grow the most in the context of a small group where they can connect with consistent leaders and the same group of kids week to week. Meeting in small groups helps the students to dialog about how they can live out the Bible truths learned. Your child will be assigned to a group of boys or girls, with either a full-time (every Sunday) or 2 part-time (every other week) leaders. During the Sunday School hour, they will spend time in their small groups as well as in a large group teaching time.

Diving Into Devos!

One of our main goals in Calvary 56 is to help the students develop the habit of having their own devotional quiet time. God speaks to us through His Word, and we want to encourage them to spend time each week reading their Bibles and asking God to teach them and mold them. We encourage the students to set a goal of having a purposeful, regular quiet time each week, however, we place more emphasis on learning what Scripture means and doing what it says than on how often we read throughout the week.

Each week we will send home a bookmark with suggested devotional readings that are connected to what they are learning in class. If your child is not going to use the bookmark because he/she already has a devotional plan of their own in place, that is totally fine. The important thing is to encourage them to spend time with God in His Word during the week, asking Him to help them apply what they’ve learned so that they are LIVING GOD’S WORD.

5th Grade Bookmarks

6th Grade Bookmarks