Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

The Nursery is one of the secure areas of the building, and you will need to show your Calvary Church parent security receipt before entering. Whether you are a guest dropping in for the day or a member who has added a child to your family, a Connection Center in the lobby is the place to start for registering your child. Then, once you ask that your child be added to our classroom rosters, you will check children in at kiosks around the building.

When is the Nursery open?

The Nursery opens its doors a few minutes before other activities so that you have time to drop off your children and get to the event on time.

Sunday: 9:00am - 12:15pm (Year-round)

Please plan on arriving no later than 9:15am for the first hour or 11:00am for the second hour so that proper staffing can be arranged in each classroom, and so that your child and you can benefit from the teaching during the whole ministry hour.

Tuesday: 9:05am - 11:15am (Sept-April)

The Nursery runs in conjunction with the Study and Share Women’s Bible Study.  Pre-registration is required.

Wednesday: 6:20pm - 8:00pm (Sept– April)

The Nursery follows the same schedule as Discovery Clubs, our missions-focused children’s program.  Pre-registration is required.

Please pick up your child promptly after each program. If you are serving in other children’s classrooms, we understand that you may be delayed. For programs that require pre-registration, watch for communication in the bulletin or by mail or email to announce upcoming program and registration dates.

How will the Nursery contact me if my child needs me?

At drop-off, each parent is required to note where they’ll be during each ministry hour. If you are in the main auditorium or chapel, the security code from your parent security receipt will flash underneath each projection screen in the front. If you are elsewhere in the building, a team member will come get you.

NOTE: If you have responsibilities on the platform during a service, please equip someone with your parent receipt. You will not be retrieved while on stage during a service.

At what age can my child be left in the Nursery?

You may leave children with us as early as you are comfortable doing so. Every September there is a promotion out of the Nursery and into the Early Childhood Department for children who will turn two by September 30th. Otherwise, they stay with us for another year.

What should I bring to the Nursery?

  • Diapers
  • Change of Clothing
  • Ointment - which we will apply only at your request
  • Comfort Item - such as a pacifier or blanket
  • Premixed Bottle - our caregivers need to feed several children each hour and need to be able to pull bottles from bags without having to mix them.
  • Cup - labeled with your child’s name

Please label all personal items each time you come to the nursery.  Stickers are available for this purpose at the sign-in area.

Will you change my child's diaper or toilet my child?

It is our goal to check each child’s diaper at least once while they are with us. If your child is potty training, please take him to the bathroom before class. Feel free to use the child-size toilet in our class bathroom. Also, clip an orange potty-training tag to your child’s shirt; this will help to remind our caregivers to take your child to the bathroom during class. If you feel your child will need to use the bathroom more than once during each hour, please help our caregivers by toileting your child between ministry hours or during class. We suggest you bring a change of clothes for all children in case of accidents.

Will my child receive a snack?

We feed the children Cheerios® as their development allows. If your child is allergic to Cheerios,® we will be happy to feed him/her a similar snack that you provide. Please do not bring baby food.Our caregivers are so busy that there is no time to spoon feed the children; you are welcome to join us in the Nursery to feed your child.

Is a private mother and baby room available?

Two mother and baby rooms are available in the Nursery suite where, with a turn of the dial, you and other moms and babies can hear the morning worship service. A changing table is provided for your convenience. You will need to show your parent security receipt when entering the Nursery. An additional mother and baby area is available in the Women’s Restroom on the 400 level. Dads and babies can enjoy time together in the Family Comfort Room on the 300 level.

Will my child stay in the same Nursery room all year?

In order to maintain safe ratios in each of the rooms and to provide age-appropriate learning materials, your child will be promoted within the Nursery to one of our eight large, cheerful rooms periodically. You will be informed when your child needs to move to a new class.

Child Dedication / Parent Consecration

Child Dedication at Calvary is a public commitment made by parents indicating their desire to give their child the best spiritual opportunities they can provide. To participate in a Sunday morning Dedication Ceremony, you must first attend a Parent Class which is designed to introduce basic principles of spiritual parenting and to acquaint your family with Calvary’s Children’s Ministries. For more information and to register for the class please visit the Child Dedication page.