Disability Ministry Positions

We want to welcome families affected by disability at Calvary Church and one way we do that is through the inclusion of children with disabilities.  We strive to offer support to children from nursery through high school to allow them to participate as fully as they are able in their typical aged classroom.  Buddies are one way we use in their successful inclusion.  Buddies come alongside a child giving support at the level needed to help the child participate, learn, grow, and serve along with their peers.


Another way we offer support to families is through our Conquerors class.  A small group of elementary aged children affect by disability meet weekly during the 11:00 hour to experience Bible teaching that matches their own unique style of learning.  Some of our typical students join the class and get to know their friends with disabilities on a deeper level.  We each learn something from each other. 


Would you consider being part of authentically including families affected by disabilities at Calvary Church?  The blessings of ministry to children with disabilities are truly limitless.


Sandy Robinson
Special Needs Coordinator
(717) 560-2341 ext. 277