Nursery Coordinator

The coordinator will lovingly oversee a group of nursery team members and work with the Nursery Leadership team on special projects and training events.  Responsibilities include reminding team members of their service dates, checking on them during the service, encouraging them, substituting in a classroom as needed, and training new team members.

Minimum Commitment

  • Attend at least one training event each year
  • Attend Nursery Leadership Team meetings 6-8 times annually
  • Choose a time to serve:
    • Sunday Mornings: Weekly (One Year, Aug - Aug)
      • 8:55 - 9:30 am (First Service) and 10:45 - 11:15 am (Second Service)
    • Tuesday Mornings: Weekly (One Year, Sept - May)
      • 8:55 - 11:15 am (Study & Share)
    • Wednesday Evenings: Twice a Month (One Year, Sept - Apr)
      • 6:15 - 8:15 pm (Little Discovery Clubs)


  • Must be a Member of Calvary Church or be going through the process to become a Member