We seek to inspire and equip teens to live out God's Word
by learning what it means and doing what it says.
During our weekly gatherings, teens will experience
relevant teaching from God's Word, authentic worship, and peer interaction.


Who:   High School Students  // 9th - 12th Grades
When:   Sunday 9:15am
Where:   Calvary Church, Lower Auditorium
Staff:   Eric Gregory




All this summer we will be looking at the books of Samuel and Kings, as we learn about the Kings and Queens of Israel and Judah in our new series Royals. As we read these incredible true stories of good and evil, kings and queens, we will see that God judges success and failure, not by worldly standards, but by his own. We will see that each of these Royals is seriously flawed, even the greats like David and Solomon. But as we learn from their successes and failures, we will see that they all point to our need for the true king, Jesus, to rule in our hearts and lives. We must all live for his kingdom and not our own!


June 18 | ROYALS: Saul - Eric Gregory 

June 25 | ROYALS: David - Drew Williams

July 02 | ROYALS: Solomon - Drew Williams

July 09 | ROYALS: Kingdom Divided - Scott Messner

July 16 | ROYALS: Ahab - 

July 23 | ROYALS: Josiah - Drew Williams

July 30 | ROYALS: Jesus - Eric Gregory


This summer during our Royals series, we will have a Reading Plan to go along with each week that we study the Kings and Queens of the Bible! Visit our Student Resources Page to get our Reading Plan info each week!

Recent Media

Ahab 7/16/2017 SERIES Ahab 7/16/2017

Through the story and tragic end of Ahab and Jezebel, we will see that worldly success…

Solomon 7/2/2017 SERIES Solomon 7/2/2017

Small decisions lead to big failures.

Speaker: Drew Williams

If you have questions about our High School Gathering, please contact
Eric Gregory at egregory@calvarychurch.org or 717-509-6245.