We seek to inspire and equip teens to live out God's Word
by learning what it means and doing what it says.
During our weekly gatherings, teens will experience
relevant teaching from God's Word, authentic worship, and peer interaction.


Who:   High School Students  // 9th - 12th Grades
When:   Sunday 9:15am
Where:   Calvary Church, Lower Auditorium
Staff:   Eric Gregory




A hashtag (#) is a symbol used on social media to mark or identify messages on a specific topic. Since these messages are by nature open for everyone to see, hash-tagging a term invites others to join a conversation about it, or adds the author’s thoughts to an ongoing global exchange of ideas. This is the heart of #Gospel. It is an open conversation, based on the upcoming book #Gospel, using social media and video content to draw us into a thoughtful conversation about what the gospel really is, and how it interacts with our lives on a daily basis. Join us on Sunday, September 17, to hear from Dan Rice, author of the upcoming book, #Gospel. For more information, visit www.hashtaggospel.com


Sep 17 | #GOSPEL - Dan Rice

If you have questions about our High School Gathering, please contact
Eric Gregory at egregory@calvarychurch.org or 717-509-6245.

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