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Calvary Church has a unique opportunity to reach and disciple more people in Lancaster County. By offering a Worship Service on Monday evening, we hope to reach people who may not be able to attend church on Sunday. Therefore, Calvary Church will add a Monday evening worship service starting on September 10, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the main auditorium.

1. Why another service?

God's desire is to seek and save the lost. We want to continue to align our hearts with His as we reach and disciple more people.

2. Why Monday night

A non-weekend option gives Calvary the opportunity to reach people who work weekends, are away on any given weekend or chose to serve and attend an ABF Sunday mornings. Monday evening is the least disruptive to regular ministry activities.

3. What will the service be like?

As much as possible, the intent is for the service to be the same as Sunday morning.

4. Will there be children's ministry?

Yes, when we start we will provide children's ministry from Nursery through First Grade.

5. What serving opportunities will be available on Monday evenings?

We will need people to volunteer on Monday nights in several areas including guest services and children’s ministry.

6. What are your expectations for Monday Evening?

The vision and the planning for a Monday evening service will include a fruitful process of evaluation, growth and reflection. We will learn and grow through the experiences and opportunities that we encounter.

7. Will this burn out the staff?

The staff has started planning how they will organize to launch and sustain ministry on Monday evening. As participation increases, there will be ample opportunities for additional volunteers and staff involvement.

8. Is this going to decrease our focus on Global Ministry?

No. Our value of Going into God's World, extending the gospel here and around the globe, is why we desire to reach and disciple more people.

9. If Monday evening works what other changes can we expect?

As we reach more people, we desire for them to live out all five values which may require adapting our existing ministry strategy.

10. I'm excited, what can I do?

  • Pray – Be diligent in asking for guidance, wisdom and direction as we take this step of faith.
  • Serve –Take advantage of volunteer opportunities that will allow us to reach and disciple more people on Monday evening.
  • Attend –Try it out! When you can’t make it on Sunday, come on Monday evening.
  • Invite –You may know people who can’t attend Sunday but would be willing to come on Monday.


If you have additional questions please feel free to email