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Nursery Curriculum

We use A Sure Foundation curriculum from Children Desiring God, adapted by our own staff and volunteers.

by Calvary Kids on August 26, 2018

We use A Sure Foundation curriculum from Children Desiring God, adapted by our own staff and volunteers.


It starts from the first time you leave them in our care. As infants are being rocked, having their diapers changed, or being fed, they are prayed for. In fact, each time your child enters the classroom, we pray Scripture passages aloud to God on behalf of your child. Take a look at the posters near the changing table next time you’re in. On one, you’ll see a Bible passage; the other is a suggested way for our caregivers to turn that verse into a prayer. So, your child is not only being prayed for, he is hearing God’s word as well. Need some ideas of what to pray for your child? Ask your caregiver what he prayed for your child today. What will God be pleased to do in the life of your child because of the prayers of his parents and his caregivers?

Young Toddlers

In addition to being prayed for, your young toddlers also hear a new Truth Statement each month. Truth Statements are short phrases that caregivers repeat throughout the session. These are Bible truths like “God Made Everything,” God is Good,” and “Jesus is Here!”

Here is how these truths might come up in conversations: “I see your fingers. God made your fingers. God Made Everything!” Or “Here is our snack. God is Good to give us food to eat.”

Children learn through repetition, and we’re interested in helping your child’s brain make pathway connections to spiritual things. Therefore, we’ll repeat these simple truths over and over all month, with the ultimate goal of these truths contributing to changing your child’s heart. To find out what Truth Statement we are working on this month, check out the poster closest to your child’s classroom gate.

Older Toddlers

For our oldest children, the Truth Statement becomes the core of the curriculum. It is the main point of the Bible Lesson and it is reinforced through hands-on, age-appropriate activities. Children will also learn a simple memory verse each month that is related to the Bible lesson. Parents are encouraged to practice these verses at home, too. Each week, a take-home page is available to parents in our oldest toddler rooms. It includes the Truth Statement, the Bible story reference, the memory verse, and often some suggested activities for you to do at home for reinforcement of the Bible truths presented in class.

A complete list of Truth Statements, Bible Stories, and Memory Verses, are available in the Nursery. You can use it all year long as a tool to help you lay a sure foundation in the life of your child.


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