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Child Dedication Homework

These steps are intended to be completed after you have attended a Child Dedication, Parent Consecration Class and signed up for a Dedication Sunday.

by Children Ministry on August 26, 2018

Preparing for the Ceremony

In preparation for dedication day you will need to do the following:

  1. Review the promises that you will make on dedication day to be sure you are ready to agree and follow-through with them.  Below are the promises you will be committing to. The pastor may not phrase them in these exact words on dedication day, but the spirit will be the same.
      • Will you, parents, be intentional to disciple your children with the end goal that they would pursue life in Christ, loving God and others well?
      • Will you commit yourselves to teaching them God’s truth about who He is, who they are and His purpose for them in the world, both in formal ways and as a part of normal everyday life?
      • Will you commit to modeling growth and faith by actively pursuing life in Christ and living out Calvary’s values personally?
      • Will you commit to growing in God’s love, grace and truth and modeling them in your family relationships?
      • Will you, Calvary Church family, commit yourselves to pursuing life in Christ and pursuing Calvary’s values, providing an environment for these children where they are taught God’s Word, experience His love and are encouraged to pursue life in Christ as well?
  2. Submit the following items no later than 1 month before dedication day.  We're sorry but prayers and photos submitted after the deadline will not be published in the bulletin.
    • A Prayer for your Family - Submit a prayer that is 50 words or less.  Before writing your prayer, review your notes from class. Then, imagine the end…what is your main goal for your child? What are your key hopes? Answering these questions will help you to focus your prayer of dedication and commitment.  Include these two elements:
      • Dedicate your child to the Lord
      • Dedicate yourselves to the Lord as spiritual leaders in your family
    • A Photo of your Child - Please send a recent photo of your child; it will be included in the bulletin on dedication Sunday. Everyone will want to see the precious treasure that you are presenting to the Lord.
      • Please be sure you have legal permission to reproduce and use the photo you submit.
      • A close-up is best, but a full-body seated shot will also work well.

By participating in the dedication event, you are committing to the Promises outlined above.

Submit Homework Here

Dedication Day Logistics

  1. Sign your child in at the Nursery before the service if you are planning on placing him/her in a classroom after the ceremony; that way we are sure to save a spot in the classroom. You may enter the Nursery before the lights come on if you are dedicating during the 9:15 hour.
  2. Arrive in the auditorium 10 minutes before the start of the service in which you are dedicating (arrive by 9:05 or 10:50). This will allow all the families time to receive instructions for the morning together. It also allows time for your child to become familiar with the pastor and their surroundings.  And it will make for a more relaxed, fun, calm, and meaningful morning for everybody when nobody is in a rush.

If you have any questions about your homework or dedication day, please contact Anna Fillgrove.

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