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DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)

DC4K is a growth group for kids, ages 6-12 that provides your children with a safe and neutral place to gain an age-appropriate understanding of separation and divorce. In this group they will learn how to process and share their feelings.

For 13 weeks your children become involved in a fun, caring group that runs concurrently with the adult DivorceCare class. The weekly session topics help your children learn that God’s love strengthens them and helps them turn their sadness to hope and their anger to joy.

These sessions include games, crafts, role playing, discussion times, journaling, and activity books to help your children process the divorce and move forward in their lives. The music, snacks, read-aloud stories, exercises, and Bible verses teach your children to relax and rest secure in God’s love. There are also video dramas that present stories of children just like your children, who are experiencing divorce-related problems and have found help and encouragement.

DC4K meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm in room 318.
(Starting September 16th)

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It is our desire to help you strengthen your relationship with God and others.