Support Groups

Addiction Recovery Group

The Grace & Hope Addiction Recovery Group is an opportunity to invest a season of your life to overcoming the life-dominating addiction of substance abuse (or closely related addiction). The group provides a safe environment where members learn insights and skills related to spiritual growth and addiction, in the context of supportive/challenging relationships. 

The primary goal of this group is to focus on growing in our walk with God through the struggle of addiction, a unique addition to other recovery groups and supportive services.  We recognize that the behavioral focus of “just DON’T do it” isn’t enough to address the problem.  We emphasize how God can use the struggle to reveal deeper heart issues that need to be addressed, pointing each other toward a closer relationship with God and embrace His love, grace, and truth.  We find new focus and purpose for our lives and aim toward the secondary goal… freedom from the life-dominating addiction. 

This group is open to adult men and women. You are welcome to come. Grace and Hope Addiction Recovery Group will meet again starting on Tuesday, September 21, from 7-8:30 in room 316. For more information or to connect with a group leader, email



It is our desire to help you strengthen your relationship with God and others.