New Members

We are very excited and honored to have welcomed these 89 individuals into membership at Calvary Church between July and December of 2019. Membership is so much more than having your name on a roll of the church. It provides a spiritual family for you to belong, gives you a place for support and encouragement, places you under the spiritual protection of godly leaders, and gives you the accountability necessary for spiritual growth. Membership also indicates an agreement with the doctrine and direction of this local church and a commitment to using one’s gifts to make Calvary a brighter light in a dark world. We are so thankful to God for those who have made this formal commitment to Calvary in the last half of 2019.


Dave & Deb Arndt

Dave & Cindy Batluck

Doug & Kelli Beaver

Elizabeth Bowes


Scott Brewer

Karen Brightbill

Sharon Canull

Krista Chambers


Michael Chambers

Mark Chever

Bob & Cheryl Chinn

Erika Faria & Breno Gomes


Erin Bensing
"Calvary is welcoming church which cherishes Scripture, intergenerational worship and fellowship, and serving both local and globally. These were all important characteristics I was hoping to find in a church in my community - I have been so blessed to be part of this church!"

Matt & Jen Jerchau
"Calvary is so purposeful in the way they minister to every age and stage! We are so thankful that each member of our family is able to receive solid biblical teaching and encouragement in their walk with the Lord."


Ray & Zoie Fitzsimmons

Sue Gamble

Tyler & Kelli Gehman

Geraldine Gelin


Neil & Kathy Gilchrist

Victoria Glick

Randall & Connie Grove

Lee Harshaw


John & Jodi Heikkinen

Steve Henson

Ben Tuten & Mari Hernandez-Tuten

Nate & Linda Hershey


Jeff & Debbie Inskeep

Daniel Joseph

Barbara Kedl

Hannah Kemoi


Jim & Susan Martin
"Our first Sunday at Calvary was without invitation in the fall of 2017. We were greeted with warm hospitality by the staff and those we sat near. We were drawn back and appreciated the diverse worship and clear biblical teaching. After visiting several ABF's we landed in Truthfinders and continue to find rich fellowship there. We also have become involved in a small group. The people of Calvary represent many ages, geographical, economical and educational profiles but are gathered around the centrality of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Scriptures creating a beautiful mosiac of what church can be."

Michael & Hannah Schilthuis
"We chose Calvary because the Word of God is opened and His truths are faithfully proclaimed. We had the opportunity to get plugged in to the marriage builders ministry - where we were challenged to grow closer to the Lord & each other. Through that ministry we met other young couples pursuing life in Christ. We are grateful for the story Calvary has played in our journey."



John King

Gabriela King

Mikaela King

Rick Kirby


Michelle Kirby

Bob Kramer

Fran Lynch

Ellie Moyer


Reid & Colette Myers

Mark Nicolas

Bekah Noel

Jon Potoka


Evelyn Potoka

David Robinson

Luke Roche

Kevin & Amanda Rock



Jonathan & Susie Wort
"We love the focus on Bible based preaching and teaching and encouraging people to become disciples of Jesus. This commitment is evident in the warm fellowship of believers, the focus on missions, opportunities for Bible study and Sunday school classes, and incorporating all types of music for the worship services. All these contribute to opportunities to serve The Lord effectively."

Wes & Beth Young
"Beth grew up going to Calvary and continued attending through high school and college. After marrying Wes, we visited a few other local churches, but ultimately found our way back to Calvary. One of our biggest draws back to Calvary was the children's and student ministries. They have a phenomenal children's ministry that pours Jesus's love into kids of all age groups. We came back around the time that Pastor Beau was starting to be transitioned into the senior pastor role and after hearing only a few of his messages, we knew we had found our home church."


Bill & Karen Rodruan

Kevin Moon & Ru Russo-Moon

Amy Saal

Kevin & Dawn Sauder


David & Phyllis Schmid (Assoc. Mbrs.)

Kellie Spruill

Yu Tao

Sofiya Tarasova


Ann Taylor

Jen Walker

Jonathan & Shannon Wood

Bryan Wood


Dale & Vickie Zimmerman