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Regathering Guidelines

Calvary Church's service times are 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11:00 AM and include singing together. Our Adult Bible Fellowships, Children's, and Student Ministry will be starting back up on September 13th. We know there are many in our church family who, for various reasons, will not be regathering at Calvary Church. We will continue with our live stream on Sundays and seek to provide opportunities for you to take steps in your faith.

Due to the fluid nature of the recommended guidelines for churches please check back on the Calvary website for any changes or updated guidelines prior to attending any service.

General Guidelines at Calvary Church:
  • All attendees are asked to practice social distancing while in the building.
  • All attendees are asked to wear a mask in places like the lobby and hallways where physically distancing is more difficult, unless a medical condition prevents an individual from doing so.
  • We strongly recommend that those with pre-existing health conditions and/or those who are considered high-risk continue to engage with Sunday worship service online.
  • We will seek to adhere to occupancy limits for each room to help comply with social distancing guidelines.
  • Some environments may have adaptations to the above guidelines, but ministry leaders will communicate those on a case-by-case basis.
  • No meals, potlucks, or self-serve drink options will be available during this time.
Guidelines specific for Children and Students:
  • Masks are optional for children from birth to Pre-Kindergarten.
  • We ask that students from Kindergarten through 12th grade wear masks when they are unable to practice social distancing. Masks can be removed once students are situated in any environment where social distancing has been established and can be maintained. (Masks are available at each Connection Center).
  • Staff and volunteers are required to wear masks whenever physically distancing is more difficult.
  • We are asking parents to:
    • Wear masks in hallways for drop off and pick up of their child(ren).  
    • Have only one parent drop off and pick up, if possible, to reduce the number of people in the hallways.  
Steps we are taking as Calvary Church:
  • Doors: The greeting team and ushers will open all doors for you. Please enter the building through the main East, West, and office entrances.  
  • Hand sanitizer: You will find stations throughout the Lobby and at the East and West entrances. Please use the hand sanitizer as you enter and exit. 
  • Offering:  An offering box will be provided at each entrance to the auditorium. 
  • Main Auditorium:
    • We will open alternating pews in order to maintain appropriate physical distancing. The ends of available pews will be marked with green tape. The ushers will assist you if there are any questions on safe distancing.  
    • Pews, doors, and restrooms will be wiped down between services. 
  • Food/beverages: Currently these will not be available. For your safety, water fountains will be turned off; please bring your own water bottle.  
  • Families: All families with kids of all ages are welcome to attend, and we ask that family units sit together once in the auditorium.  
  • Masks: Staff and volunteers will be wearing masks while in the Lobby 
Steps for what you can do in an effort to create a safe environment for everyone attending: 
  • We are asking that you practice social distancing while you are in the building.  
  • We are asking everyone to wear masks in places like the lobby where physically distancing is more difficult, unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one. (A specific section will be provided for any who desire to only sit around those with masks).
  • We strongly recommend that those with existing health conditions and/or in high-risk groups engage with the service online.