We are excited to announce RENEW2020, the renovation and expansion of Fellowship Hall. As we move forward, we want you to have as much information as possible. Expect to see regularly scheduled videos, information pieces, web sites, renderings, Q&A sessions, announcements, and more over the next several weeks. 



Our facility is now over 20 years old and one of the most utilized ministry spaces is Fellowship Hall. On average we have 400+ groups per year, serve 65,000+ meals and host over 100,000 people (over 2000 people a week.)  It has served us well but it's time to "RENEW" this space. Acoustics need to be improved, the décor renovated, and certain areas expanded in order to be able to effectively minister to the diverse needs of our church family and community.  

What changes? 

The kitchen will be expanded to allow for better stewardship through more efficient food processing and storage. The footprint of Fellowship Hall will be expanded in order to accommodate ministry electives, meetings, and relational connections. An additional Fellowship Hall entrance will be created to allow greater and easier access. The Lobby Overlook area will be extended to create relational meeting space and more intimate settings for one-on-one and smaller group interactions along with an opportunity for a Next Steps information area.


The Fellowship Hall will be closed from late May to late August. Renovations will start there in order to be finished for the start of fall ministry activities. Throughout the fall, the lobby expansion, the Fellowship Hall expansion, and the kitchen expansion will be added with construction targeted to end by the 1st of December.


RENEW2020 is budgeted to not exceed 3 million dollars. We currently have $1 million on hand from the Capital Expenditure fund. Additional money is available from the General Fund. Exciting News! A $250,000 matching gift has already been promised! We are trusting that the people of Calvary will give that amount and more! If additional funds are needed, we have the ability to borrow internally. Our desire would be to complete this project without accumulating any bank debt.

What can I do?

Pray! For wisdom, safety of the construction crew and for God’s blessing on the ministry impact. Give! It is possible through the generosity of God’s people that RENEW2020 could be completed without incurring any debt. Be Flexible! During the construction period, there will be some scheduling and location changes for regularly scheduled events.

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