I'm In - Adults

First Steps Mentor

Helping adults who are new to the faith, taking first steps in their walk with the Lord, specifically in the areas of Baptism, Starting Point, and Essentials.

ABF Core Team

Men and women who want to help their ABF be welcoming, connected, caring, or serving.

ABF Teachers

Using or developing a teaching skill to help others learn how to understand God's Word for themselves.

Small Group Hosts

Giving organization to a small group.

Small Group Leader

Facilitating a sermon-based small group discussion with questions provided by the church.

Women's Ministry - One Time Event

Serving in women's ministry for their March event.

Women's Ministry - Small Group Leaders

Table leaders for Tuesday AM or Wednesday PM Study and Share.

Women's Ministry - Hospitality Team

For Study and Share to help with greeters, set-up, and tear down. 

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