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Facilities Ministry

What to Expect

The Facilities Ministry aims to keep Calvary clean and functional for church and community gatherings as we aspire to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. Facilities volunteer work includes activities like vacuuming the sanctuary, placing cards in pew racks, carpentry, weeding and mulching the grounds, and preparing for special events.

Volunteer Roles

Cleaning Crew
Our goal for everyone who attends Calvary is to experience a welcoming environment. Your participation in this position is meaningful. This type of work involves vacuuming, washing windows, and cleaning the main auditorium for Sunday worship.

Medical Team
This group serves Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We are looking for first aid certified or medical licensed volunteers willing to help with medical issues ranging from placing a band-aid on a child’s cut, to attending to someone who may have a life-threatening incident.

Security / Observation
This team consists of volunteers who preferably have a background in law enforcement, security, or the military. Experience in dealing with emergency situations and having the ability to remain calm in handling security issues is a must.

Shuttle Service
With this volunteer position, you are the first person many attendees see and speak with on a Sunday. You will drive an up-to-date shuttle and have brief but meaningful conversations.

Event Set-Up
Our building serves and blesses many groups and this requires rooms to be rearranged to accommodate a particular event’s needs. Your specific help will be with moving tables and chairs.

While we contract large projects to outside firms there are several projects we self-perform and we are always looking for individuals with skills such as carpentry, electrical, painting, flooring, and concrete work.

Many things break or just plain wear out and we are always in need of a handyman to help us with minor repairs throughout the building.

This volunteer position gets to enjoy helping outdoors by weeding, spraying, watering plants, and even assisting with springtime planting.

Food Service
Fun and fast-paced is how we describe our Food Service. Our largest event is Wednesday evening meals. There are lots of options to serve from food-prep to serving or washing dishes.

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