Our Staff

Lead Team

Beau Eckert – Senior Pastor

Steve Kilgore – Executive Pastor of Ministries

Brad Mullen – Teaching Pastor / Executive Pastor

Steve Beirn – Pastor of Global Ministry

Global Ministry

Steve Beirn – Pastor of Global Ministry
Scott Messner
 – Global Ministry Associate

Michael Gilchrist – Pastor of Community Impact
Kim Scott – Global Ministries Member Care Assistant
Terri Sherman – Global Ministries Assistant

Worship Ministries

John Frye – Pastor of Worship Ministries
Dave Ross – Director of Worship Arts
John Noel – Worship Associate
Cheryl Noel – Worship Associate

Angela Spreadbury – Worship Ministries Assistant

Adult Discipleship

Peggy Huber – Adult Discipleship Team Leader
Steve Yates – Pastor of Connection Ministries
Jon Brady – Director of Group Ministries
Diane Kreider – Adult Ministry Assistant
Betty Baltozer – Women's Ministry Assistant/Receptionist
Joel Martin – Interim Young Adult Associate
Adam Derus – Interim Young Adult Associate


Kim Jack – Librarian
Joy Buckwalter – Ministry Assistant/Receptionist

Pastoral Care

George May – Pastor of Counseling & Family Ministries
Tom Koch – Associate Pastor for Counseling & Care 
Barry Ferguson – Pastor of Care & Administration
Beth Gregory – Pastoral Counseling Associate
Judi Brady - Pastoral Ministry Assistant
Bob Kilgore - Pastor of Care and Visitation
Woody Woodcock - Pastor of Care and Visitation

Student Ministries 

Drew Williams – Director of Student Ministries
Jen Gregory – Student Ministries Associate
Eric Gregory – Student Ministries Associate                                          
Tammy McDaniel – Student Ministry Assistant
Grant Noel – Worship Assistant
Tyler Noel – Worship Assistant

Children's Ministries

Sharon Smith – Director of Children's Ministry
Kathy Noel – Director of Elementary Ministry 
Genine Zigrang – Director of Early Childhood
Karen Spruill – Associate for Early Childhood
Anna Fillgrove – Director of Nursery Ministries
Sandy Robinson – Disability Ministry Coordinator
Tamara Brubaker – Children's Ministry Assistant
Carla Preston – Children's Ministry Assistant
Joy Heisey – Ministry Assistant

Susan Hixson – Interim Director of Calvary Preschool
Julie Groff – Calvary Preschool Ministry Assistant

Communications Team

Tim Scott – Director of Communications
Josh Reinert – Digital Media Assistant
Derek Bigley – Digital Media Assistant
Kayla Nachtigal – Graphic Assistant
Karen Brightbill – Graphic Assistant
Debra Metzger – Ministry Assistant


Dave Hostetter – Business Manager
Rachel Byler – Accounting Manager
Darlene Morgan – Accounting Clerk

Technical Ministries

Jonathan Frank – Director of Facility Services
Phil Spreadbury – Director of Technical Arts
Glen Zigrang – Technical Arts Associate
Jason Reiner – Technical Arts Assistant


Scott Wilson – IT Support Specialist


Jonathan Frank – Director of Facilities Services
Kiki Moyer – Events Coordinator
Jim Sherman – Custodial Supervisor
Greg Schmuck – Facility Assistants
Jess Keen – Facility Assistants
Barb Davis – Custodial Assistants

Jon Deitz – Director of Food Services