Care & Support

Pursuing Life in Christ happens best in the context of relationships. These relationships become exceedingly important and meaningful during times of celebration as well as transition, loss or need. In the Calvary Church family, we are all responsible to look out for each other. We are glad to recommend resources or give coaching as you care for those in need. As we all face the hard realities of life or struggle to defeat patterns of sin, Calvary Church provides a variety of ministries and resources to help you adjust, move forward, and grow in your faith during these times.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling is given from a biblical perspective that is guided by principles from God’s Word. We will seek to help you meet the challenge you are facing in a way that will bring growth to you and your relationship with God. If you have questions or want to set up an appointment with one of our counselors, contact Judi Brady at 717-560-2341 x278 or Pastoral counseling is available, on a limited basis, to those who are a part of Calvary Church or one of our outreach ministries (for example: Study & Share, C4, DivorceCare, etc.) Assessment and referral services are available to all.


Support Groups

We desire to help you face the challenges of life with real and practical assistance, education and support. The groups, here at Calvary Church, provide an environment of love and acceptance where you can find knowledge that will heal and restore. It is our hope that as you encounter God’s truth, you will develop a new perspective on your situation, yourself and God. To learn more about specific support groups, click on the link below.

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Since care in the family of God is the responsibility of everyone, it is our prayer that all who attend Calvary Church would play an active role in creating a culture of care. We have the privilege of being “the hands and feet of Jesus” that provide God’s care in the days of someone’s greatest need (Hebrews 4:14-16) and (James 1:27). In addition, Calvary Church has a team of volunteers and staff that visit on behalf of the pastoral staff. Please contact the church office to ensure we have the opportunity to visit.

Memorial Services

When the Calvary Church family experiences bereavement, we desire to offer comfort and support, as well as guidance in planning for and/or officiating at memorial services. If you would like to hold a memorial service at Calvary Church or would like a pastor to officiate at a memorial service, please contact the church office to let us know of your need. Use of the church is generally reserved for the Calvary Church extended family.

The Tapestry Ministry exists to serve children and families by encouraging and equipping for foster, adoption, respite care and mentoring at-risk children. We are here to connect interested families with services and reputable agencies as well as support that can help families along the way.

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It is our desire to help you strengthen your relationship with God and others.