Adult Ministries

Each of us is on a spiritual journey. What we share in common is the need to keep moving  taking intentional steps of faith. But everyones journey will look different  thats why we offer a variety of adult ministries to choose from. Living out what you're learning from God's Word is the primary intent in these ministry environments. Our goal is to encourage and equip you to take your next step as you Pursue Life in Christ.

"It's your journey, we're here to help."

Adult bible fellowships

An Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) is an interactive learning environment which provides you with an opportunity to Live God's Word by "learning what it means and doing what it says" within a smaller, more relational setting at Calvary Church. In fact, ABFs are a great way live out several of Calvary's values of Living God's Word and Growing with God's People. 

ABFs meet at 7:45, 9:00, and 10:45 every Sunday morning. They vary in age group and format, but all share a focus on providing their attenders with a great opportunity to disciple one another as they are Pursuing Life in Christ together. 

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Bible Studies

We believe that God gave us his Word as a way of revealing Himself to us and providing an instruction manual for living in relationship with Him. It is for us then to cherish it, study it, and live it as the central part of our life. Inductive Bible Studies are designed to help us have this foundation by reading the Word, seeing what it means, and responding to it in faith. 

 Men's Bible Studies Women's Bible Studies

Young Adults

It is our desire and passion to inspire and equip this young adult generation to Pursue Life in Christ. We would be honored for you to join us on this adventure! We gather on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings to hear from God’s Word, worship God, and interact with one another. 

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Small Groups

We need more than friends! We need individuals who intentionally help us to growthose who speak truth into our lives and others into whose lives we can speak.  This is the way God created us, in fact, this is how God created the body of Christ to function. We want to help you cultivate those kinds of relationships… the kind that will help you take another step as you Pursue Life in Christ. 

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