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Men's Bible Study

Our Men’s Bible Study will help me Pursue Life in Christ by equipping them to influence their home, neighborhood, workplace, and church by learning how to study God’s Word inductively and personally, seeking knowledge of the truth for the purpose of godliness. The goal of our Bible study is to equip men to be self-feeders who handle God’s Word faithfully, practically, and passionately. Come Grow with God’s People  by  Living God’s Word  in this interactive, intergenerational, inductive Bible study. 

Winter 2021 Men’s Bible Study

As in the past, our purpose will continue—helping men learn to study the Bible for themselves as they connect with other men. But due to Covid-19 a few adaptations are necessary.

What will happen
We will study God's Word together. We will learn how to study and seek to respond to what we learn.

What will not happen
There will be no Children's ministry or meals on Wednesdays at Calvary 

What we need you to understand
We will do our best to practice social distancing, and in demonstrating value for each other, we will wear masks.

Because we value the interaction in groups and will use groups—we are asking all participants to wear masks. This will mean that group size will be controlled (we will add groups, but not make groups larger).

What you can do to participate
Register below. At the end of the registration, you will notice two options:
1. On-site: Register to participate with us on Wednesday at Calvary—registration is required, so we can plan the right location and set up.
2. Online: Register to participate from home. The Study will be live-streamed—including online groups.

1 John—Cultivating Intimacy with God and Love for Others
Our study of 1 John will encourage us to cultivate a deeper more active relationship with God and therefore challenge us to live out that relationship appropriately with others.

Living God’s Word as we are Growing with God’s People through the challenges of life. Striving to stand firm together.

Winter 2021 Men's Bible Study
Wednesday Evenings: 6:30 to 8:00 pm (Room 303 and Online)
January 13 - April 21, 2021


Method: We will be better equipped to study the Bible for ourselves by learning the basics of inductive Bible study—learning to see what is in the biblical text and ask questions 

Message: We will understand the priority and interconnectedness of sound doctrine and godly living to daily challenges of being a godly man 


  • The study will be taught in an interactive and inductive Bible study manner. Not just a rehearsal of facts, but getting closer to God by understanding more of what He has done for us in Christ. 
  • Not a debate, but a discovery. Your ability to know God more personally will grow as your personal Bible study skills grow 

 Led by Pastor Steve Kilgore and a team of teachers.