Men's Bible Study

Our Men’s Bible Study will help men pursue life in Christ by equipping them to be disciple-makers in their home, neighborhood, workplace, and church by learning how to study God’s Word inductively and personally, seeking knowledge of the truth for the purpose of godliness.

Come grow with God’s people by living God’s Word in this interactive, intergenerational, inductive Bible Study.

Fall 2024 Men’s Bible Study

Seeing God through the Eyes of His People
A narrative study of the character and attributes of God

Explore how God revealed Himself to mankind through individual narrative passages, with the goal of understanding Him more clearly and living more faithfully.

Trust Him more quickly
Obey Him more willingly
Worship more deeply
Share Him more purposefully

What you can do to participate?
Registration is required. At the end of the registration form, you will notice two options:
1. On-site: Participate with us on Wednesdays at Calvary. The on-site option facilitates better development of relationships.
2. Online: Participate from home. The study will be live streamed, including online groups. Registration is required to access the link.

Living God’s Word as we are growing with God’s people through the challenges of life. Striving to stand firm together.

Registration will be available mid-summer.

Fall 2024 Men's Bible Study
Wednesday Evenings: 6:30 to 8:00pm (in the chapel and online)
September 18 through December 11

Method: You will be better equipped to study the Bible for yourself by learning the basics of inductive Bible study – learning to see what is in the biblical text and ask questions.

Message: You will understand the priority and interconnectedness of sound doctrine and godly living to the daily challenges of being a godly man.


  • The study will be taught in an interactive and inductive Bible study manner – not just a rehearsal of facts, but getting closer to God by understanding more of what He has done for us in Christ. 
  • Not a debate, but a discovery. Your ability to know God more personally will grow as your personal Bible study skills grow 

 Led by Pastor Steve Kilgore and a team of teachers.