We aim to renew a passion in the hearts and minds of this young adult generation as they Pursue Life in Christ. Here are three ministry environments that we've designed with young adults in mind. Let us know how we can help you find where you fit in our family.

Young Adult Gathering

C4 is a gathering of young adults ages 18-30 that meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm in Calvary Church’s lower auditorium for the purpose of being inspired to Pursue Life in Christ. We do this by hearing from God’s word, worshiping God, and interacting with one another.


Young Adult Groups

Converge is a group of young adults who are out of high school and in their 20’s that meet on Sunday mornings at 11am by the lower auditorium cafe for the purpose of Living God’s Word through discussion and application, and Growing with God’s people through community.


YoPros is a group of young adults in their 20’s-30’s that meet on Sunday mornings at 11am in the 6th grad classroom for the purpose of God-centered community that is hungry for God’s Word, excited to grow, and are dedicated to prayer.

C4 Podcasts

Recent Media

When Jesus Delays 8/22/2017 Series When Jesus Delays 8/22/2017

In this final installment of the space between we find Jesus…

Descending Greatness 8/15/2017 Series Descending Greatness 8/15/2017

As Jesus approaches Jerusalem for the final time he patiently…

Telling Jesus What to Do 8/8/2017 Series Telling Jesus What to Do 8/8/2017

Jesus continues his journey towards the cross and shows us that…

Being Shrewd 8/1/2017 Series Being Shrewd 8/1/2017

Get money right or you will get Christ wrong.

Speaker: Joel…


The Space Between

Some of the most attended services at churches all over the world are at Christmas and Easter. People show up for the big events. They show up to celebrate…


In Psalm 22:3 David says, "Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.” David has a perspective of God that we far to easily lose. He sees God…


Every once and awhile we need to take a break from our regular series and hear from people who are passionate about particular parts of God’s Word. We…


Join us as we study through the book of Philippians


Every once and awhile we need to take a break from our regular series and hear from people who are passionate about particular parts of God’s Word. We…

Restored Ruins

In this series titled “Restored Ruins” we will  journey through the life of Nehemiah and will see what it looks like to have our hearts broken for what…


Our passion series is designed to hear from communicators sharing with the c4 audience what they are most passionate about in Gods word.

Fullness of Time

How many of you have a difficult time waiting? Waiting requires you to pause in anticipation of a future possibility  Waiting has a tendency to create…

Uncomfortable Grace

As we look throughout the narrative of scripture we see that God allows people to go through incredibly difficult situations that they never intended to…


In a distracted world with competing agendas and priorities what does it look like to focus in on what matters most? In this series titled focus we will…

How Will You Live?

Every single follower of Jesus will either find their identity vertically in Christ or will shop for it horizontally in the situations, experiences, and…

Who Are You?

Who are you really? This study from the first three chapters of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus will challenge you to dig beneath the surface of…

Mark Canada Introduction


Famous Last Words

Throughout this series, we hear from 4 different people on what their "Famous Last Words" would be, and how they apply to our lives.






We talk a lot about Jesus, but do we really know who he is? For 8 weeks we are looking at the titles that the bible uses to describe him. Listen in as…

Counterfeit Christmas

See the first Christmas as it really was and see that God brings salvation, hope, life, joy and peace out of the worst circumstances.

Do You Love Me?

How's your love life?

I Will Build My Church...

Caesarea Phillipi


Luke 11

Something Greater

Luke 5:1-11

Community Impact

What does it look like to make an impact in our community?

Blind Spots

Because those who don't know don't know they don't know!

The Second Half of Romans

The Second Half of Romans -- the reason why Paul wrote the letter to the Church at Rome.