Parenting Seminar - AAA

This four-part will tackle the challenge of emotions (in us and our children) in family life and parenting. A $5 fee will be due at the first session. 

Attitude: A Window into a Child's Heart
You see it. You don't like it. In fact, sometimes it makes you angry. Bad attitudes bring a stormy climate into any family. It's much easier to get kids to do the right thing than it is to get them to do it with a good attitude. This session is essential for any family where bad attitudes exist. You'll learn the three components of an attitude and then use these components to make deep and lasting changes.

Helping a Child Accept "No" as an Answer
Contentment is the key heart issue and everyone needs to learn to live within limits. This is true for a child as well as for us as parents. We will look at three symptoms of a demanding spirit in children as well as strategies to help families focus on solutions in these emotionally intense moments in our homes.

Helping Children Deal with Anger
Some children can be highly emotional and even explosive, creating tension and unrest in family life. They need help to understand their anger and to develop a plan to keep their emotions in check. This session gives parents specific guidelines to help children deal with anger. Don't be surprised if you gain some important tips for managing your own anger as well!

Anger Isn't Just a Child's Issue
One of the greatest challenges of parenting is dealing with our own anger productively! Anger is great for identifying problems, but lousy for solving them. What, then, are we to do with our anger? This session gives parents a clear plan for how we can turn the emotion of anger into something very useful in parenting.

Sundays, March 3, 10, 17, 24
9:30am | Chapel

Registration is requested; walk-ins are accepted.