Inductive Bible Studies

Our Inductive Bible Studies are in-depth studies using Precept Ministries International materials. Precept Bible Study is a straightforward investigative approach to opening the Bible and building the context for each statement it contains. That's where God's precepts - or principles - are found for life. Inductive study is the tool used to investigate and collect those precepts to build a Bible-centered worldview with the intended purpose of living the abundant, victorious life in Christ. Our goal is changing lives by connecting people with Christ through His Word.

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Tuesday Nights, 6:30-8:30

Beginning September 11, 2018


This Fall (and Spring) we will be studying the book of Revelation. Our plan is to continue the study of Revelation during the Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020 as well (Precepts Revelation Study, parts 3 & 4).

Beginning in September 2018

Part 1, Jesus' Message to the Church

Chapters One through Three of Revelation contain God's messages to the seven churches of Asia. See how His messages recorded by John so long ago still speak to the church today. 

  • Lesson 1 - The Rest of the Story
  • Lesson 2 - Having the Proper Perspective
  • Lesson 3 - Doing the Deeds You Did At First
  • Lesson 4 - Sharing in the Cup of Jesus
  • Lesson 5 - Are You Living a Separated Life?
  • Lesson 6 - Are You Tolerating Sin?
  • Lesson 7 - He Touched Me
  • Lesson 8 - Remaining Faithful
  • Lesson 9 - I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Come In
  • Lesson 10 - Birthmarks of an Overcomer


Beginning in January 2019

Part 2, Unveiling the Book of Revelation

The focus of chapters four through twenty-two is the end times. Through careful observation of the text, discover exactly what God says will take place.

  • Lesson 1 - Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  • Lesson 2 - The Signs of the Times
  • Lesson 3 - God's Invitation into His Control Room
  • Lesson 4 - No Time to Weep
  • Lesson 5 - The Seventieth Week of Daniel
  • Lesson 6 - The One Who Is Worthy to Judge
  • Lesson 7 - The Characteristics of Real Prayer
  • Lesson 8 - The Lord Reigns
  • Lesson 9 - The Man That Satan Will Use
  • Lesson 10 - And God Remembered Babylon
  • Lesson 11 - And the Bride Has Prepared Herself
  • Lesson 12 - God's Prepared Place


Complete the form below to participate in one of our Fall 2018 studies! Once you sign up, you will be contacted by the coordinator and given more detailed information about these classes. Then join us on September 11 at 6:30 to pick up and pay for your workbook. This will also include an introductory class to assist those who are new to Precepts and inductive study.