Early Childhood

Welcome to Calvary Church’s Early Childhood Ministries! We have a committed group of team members whose greatest desire is that your child will be deeply rooted in God’s Word and pursue life in Christ as he/she grows and develops a deep love for Him. Also, it is our heart's desire that your child will learn to reach out with the message of God’s love to his friends, his community, and ultimately, the nations. We count it a privilege to partner with you!

Our Ministry is divided into 4 main age groups:

  • Beginners - Red Flags (Ages 2-3)
  • Changers - Blue Flags (Ages 3-4)
  • PreK - Yellow Flags (Ages 4-5)
  • Kindergarten - Green Flags (Must be enrolled in Kindergarten at School)

We have a wonderful team of key leaders who serve as the coordinators for the various age groups. They are available on Sunday mornings at the beginning of each ministry hour to assist you in any way.

It is our pleasure to serve you and your family as we work alongside our dedicated team. We trust that Calvary Church’s Early Kids Ministries will be a place where your child grows in connecting with God, with caring leaders, and with new friends!


Bible lessons are taught through a variety of age-appropriate activities and hands-on learning centers which all focus on one main Bible truth.

  • Beginners - The children will be taught 13 Bible truths throughout the year. Each lesson is repeated for four weeks with a variety of activities and learning centers each week that reinforce the concepts and Bible truths.
  • Changers - The children will go through chronological teaching of Old Testament stories with the aim of acquainting each child with a great, big God.
  • PreK - The children will go through chronological teaching of New Testament stories with the aim of acquainting each child with a great, big God.
  • Kindergarten - The children will review God’s Story from creation to salvation through the perspective of God’s plan from the very beginning. We teach the basic attributes of God and they hear a clear message of salvation.

Memory Verses

Children will learn a simple Bible verse every few weeks. Parents are encouraged to practice these verses at home each week as well. A listing of each class's memory verses can be found in the links below.

Beginners Bible Verses Changers Bible Verses PreK Bible Verses Kindergarten Bible Verses

Song Lists

Below is a listing of the songs taught to our Nursery and Early Childhood aged children.

Nursery Songs Early Childhood Songs


Video Resources

Aside from our regular Sunday morning curriculum and classroom experience, click below to watch engaging and encouraging videos throughout the week.