Welcome to Calvary Church’s Nursery Ministry, the Garden of Grace, where we lay the foundation for our youngest learners to pursue life in Christ. Your child will be loved and cared for by our dedicated, well-trained team who delight in partnering with you.

Our team takes advantage of every moment they have with your child to teach simple Bible truths and model God’s love. From the infant rooms where the children are prayed for to the toddler rooms where the children are actively learning Bible truths, the Nursery is alive with age-appropriate activities designed to introduce your child to God.

We know that no one will have the impact on your child’s spiritual development that you will. So, we are constantly looking for ways to partner with you. Check out the curriculum page to find out about the tools we have developed for you to use in the everyday moments of your life to help you point your child toward Jesus.

Please let us know how we can serve you and your child. It is our pleasure!


It is a common misconception that children are brought to the Nursery just so that the rest of the congregation can receive Bible teaching without the interruption of a baby’s cry. We are not babysitters. Sure we change your child’s diaper, comfort his pain, feed him, and play with him while you go elsewhere to receive Bible teaching, but more than that your child is receiving intentional teaching about our God every time he enters the Nursery gates. And why not? As your child’s brain develops new pathways to learning, we should be linking that learning to God and His truth.

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