Welcome to Calvary Church’s Nursery Ministry, the Garden of Grace, where we lay the foundation for our youngest learners to Pursue Life in Christ. Your child will be loved and cared for by our dedicated, well-trained team who delight in partnering with you in the discipleship of your child. We are available to serve your family on Sunday mornings at all three services (8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am) as well as Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Please let us know how we can serve you and your child; it is our pleasure! 


Your child is receiving intentional teaching about our God every time they enter the Nursery gates. And why not? As your child’s brain develops new pathways to learning, we should be linking that learning to God and His truth.

  • Infants – From the first time your child enters the Nursery, we pray Scripture passages aloud to God on their behalf. So, your child is not only being prayed for, he is hearing God’s word as well. What will God be pleased to do in the life of your child because of the prayers of his parents and his caregivers? 
  • Young toddlers – As children age, they are introduced to Truth Statements, short phrases about God that are each repeated all month long in order to penetrate your child’s mind and heart.  
  • Older Toddlers For our oldest children, the Truth Statement becomes the core of the curriculum. It is the main point of the Bible Lesson and it is reinforced through hands-on, age-appropriate activities. Children will also learn a simple memory verse and songs each month that are related to the Bible lesson.  

A complete list of Truth Statements, Bible Stories, and Memory Verses, are available in the Nursery. You can use it all year long as a tool to help you lay a sure foundation in the life of your child.

Nursery Songs

Each month Nursery kids will learn songs that reinforce biblical truth. Try them at home to help these rich truths seep into your child’s heart!

Nursery Songs   At-home Activities


As a church, we count it a privilege to partner with you, the parents, as you raise your children. We have designed Calvary Kids Ministry to be a source of truth for your child as well as a resource, support, and encouragement for you as you train up your child. We also provide key learning opportunities for you as you navigate the different stages of growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nursery Age

At what age can my child be left in the Nursery?

You may leave children with us as early as you are comfortable doing so. Every August there is a promotion out of the Nursery and into the Early Childhood Department for children who will turn two by August 31st. Otherwise, they stay with us for another year.

Contacting Me

How will the Nursery contact me if my child needs me?

At the check-in kiosk, a contact person for the day is designated to receive text messages. At drop-off, each parent is required to note where they’ll be during each ministry hour in case they do not respond to the text message. If you are in the main auditorium or chapel, the security code from your parent security receipt will display on each projection screen in the front. If you are elsewhere in the building, a team member will be sent to get you.


Will my child receive a snack?

We feed the children Cheerios® as their development allows. If your child has an allergy, we will be happy to feed him/her a similar snack that you provide. Please do not bring baby food. Our caregivers are so busy that there is no time to spoon-feed the children. You are welcome to join us in the classroom to feed your child.

Mother & Baby Room

Is a private Mother and Baby room available?

Two mother and baby rooms are available in the Nursery suite where, with a turn of the dial, the morning worship service can be heard. A changing table is provided for your convenience. You will need to show your parent security receipt when entering the nursery. An additional mother and baby area is available in the Women’s Restroom on the 400 level. The Family Comfort room on the 300 level is the place to go if your child needs some snuggle time with mom or dad outside of the classroom. You can view the Worship service live on the screen there.

What To Bring

What should I bring to the Nursery?

Bring a small diaper bag with only items needed for the day. We recommend:
- Diapers
- Change of Clothing
- Ointment which we will apply only at your request
- Comfort Items such as a pacifier or blanket
- Premixed Bottles (Our caregivers need to feed several children each hour and must be able to pull bottles from bags without taking time to mix them)
- Cup labeled with your child’s name (Please label all personal items each time you come to the nursery. Stickers are available for this purpose in the sign-in area.)

Potty Training

Will you change my child’s diaper?

It is our goal to check each child’s diaper at least once while they are with us. If your child is potty training, please take him to the bathroom before class. Feel free to use the child-size toilet in our class bathroom. Also, clip an orange potty-training tag to your child’s shirt; this will help to remind our caregivers to take your child to the bathroom during class. If you feel your child will need to use the bathroom more than once during each hour, please help our caregivers by toileting your child between ministry hours or during class. We suggest you bring a change of clothes in case of an accident.

Wednesday Night

Little Discovery Clubs

6:30 - 8:00pm | Sept. - April
Little Discovery Clubs offers weekly Bible truths and activities for kids ages 6 months through 6th Grade.

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If you have any questions, please contact our Nursery Director, Anna Fillgrove, at