Breakaway Summer Camp

Breakaway is Calvary's annual overnight camp experience at Highpoint Camp for students 5-8th grade.

Location: Highpoint Camp
Age group: students who completed 5-8th grade
Dates: Monday, August 5th - Friday, August 9th
Cost: $250 until May 1st (then $275)

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Who is your +1

At Calvary, we challenge our students to be friends who bring their friends to Jesus. We would love to extend that invitation to you as parents! Who in your circle of influence has 5-8th grade students that you could invite to experience Jesus and community at Camp Breakaway?

Feel free to use this digital invite card to print off and invite your neighbors, friends, and family.

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Parent FAQ

Why Breakaway?
We believe that overnight camp is one of the greatest tools available to the church for evangelism and discipleship. It is our hope to see 5-8th grade students break away from their regular rhythms and have the best week of their year connecting with peers and being given the opportunity for a spiritual step.

Who is leading the camp?
Calvary Church's, Joshua Brussel, will be the speaker for this week of camp. The cabin leaders will be Highpoint's trained all-summer staff. Finally, Calvary's small group/table leaders will be invited to join your student for a meal during camp.

What should I bring?
Packing with your teen should be quick and easy. Just follow this easy packing guide.

When does signup open/close? Is there early bird registration?
Signups will open on February 2nd and close on July 28th. Those who register before May 1st receive a $25 early bird discount. There are a limited amount of beds available.

How are cabin rosters created?
At signup, you will be able to request friends for your student to be in a cabin with. Highpoint and the CSM team will use that to build the cabin rosters ensuring that every student will have a great week.

When do I pick up and drop off my student?
Drop-off is between 3:00 and 5:00pm on Monday, August 5th at Highpoint Camp 200 Chapel Rd. Birdsboro PA 19508. Pick-up will take place between 5 and 5:30pm on Friday, August 9th.

Can Calvary provide financial assistance?
Yes! Calvary is willing and able to scholarship the retreat for you or any other student. Just connect with anyone on our CSM team to fill out a brief application or email Whitney Albright -   - before signing up through the registration link.

How can I stay in touch with my student throughout the week?
Follow along with CSM's Instagram page for updates throughout the week. Additionally, Highpoint uses Bunk1 to allow you to communicate with your student and see a personalized feed. You can find more information about Bunk1 here.

What is the food like at camp? Do you accommodate allergies?
Highpoint's food service manager brings their personal touch and experience to every meal and we offer a ton of fresh fruits, veggies, and options for GF campers or those with dietary restrictions.