New Members

In 2021, 92 people made the commitment to become members of Calvary Church! Membership is not only a formal agreement with the doctrine and direction of the church; it provides a spiritual family for you to belong, gives a place for support and encouragement, places you under the spiritual protection of godly leaders, and gives you the accountability necessary for spiritual growth.

Below is the full list of our new members, including a few highlighted sections where you can read why they decided to call Calvary their local church home. We are so thankful to God for those who have taken this next step as they continue to Pursue Life in Christ!


Betsy Apanowicz

Leah Apanowicz

Karen & Carlton Baer

Christina Blyznyuk


Walter & Josie Bortree

Iryna & Yuriy Bozhko

Ruvim Bozhko

Jean & Bob Brenneman


Robert Blauser
“I especially value Beau Eckert's excellence in discipleship as I continue to pursue life in Christ.”

Reba Buckwalter-Kreider
“I appreciate the commitment to community and worldwide outreach Calvary Church embraces, as well as Biblically-sound teaching in all aspects of the church's ministry. The book “I Am A Church Member” states that“membership is something to be treasured and means I/we have the opportunity to serve and give rather than the legalistic option to do so”.”



Thomas Derr

Marie & Herve Dorsainvil

Nancy & Gary Emmons

Allison Fieger


Mary Ann & Kevin Filler

Alina & Zach Fortuna

Mistire Gamebo

Linda & Gary Griffin


Gloria Grijincu

Ellie Groff

Ken Hughes

Joshua Hummel


Brianna Huynh

Deborah & Michael Jones

Marisol & Will Kassis

Dottie & Ken Keating



Interested in Membership?

We have another Membership Class coming up! If you are interested in formalizing your relationship with Calvary, the next class series will be November 7, 14, and 21 in Fellowship Hall at either 9:30am or 11am. Here, you will come to understand what we believe doctrinally, as well as our vision, values, and approach to ministry. This includes one session of Discover Calvary - Calvary's Vision, Values, Leadership Structure and Your Involvement and three sessions of Calvary's Doctrinal Basis.

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Don & Suzanne Kegarise

Amy & Eric Kurtz

Hailey Leaman

Adam & Heidi Leed


Jacob Long

Brandon March

Kendra March

Kim McKinney


Steve McKinney

Wayne McLeod

Diane & Mark Menga

George Nickel


Danelle Nolt

Heather O'Connell

Kurtis O'Connell

Rachel Peters


Donna & Raymond Englerth
"We believe that membership is Biblical, and like marriage, it is an important commitment. As members, we are now unified with the body of Christ here at Calvary. We are excited to serve, and to see how God will use us to advance His Kingdom here."

Mike & Bonnie Keffer
Bonnie - "We were looking for a church where we could worship and serve the Lord together. After visiting Calvary a few weeks, we were convinced this was the place for us."

Mike - "We appreciate the biblical messages from Pastor Beau and several others. We noticed how connected Calvary is to the gospel message and their love for the Lord. Because of the messages, worshipful songs, and attending the Generations ABF, our walk with Christ has grown closer than ever expected. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers!"



Chrissy Rhoads

Marian & Tom Rice

Liz Rodriguez

Levi Roop


Kristen & Ken Rose

Renata & Vladislav Ryabukha

Monica & James Stewart

Josie Wenger


Mike Wenger

Diana & Doug Wiker

Amber Wilcox

Melinda & Aaron Wilcox


Justina Zaborskiy

Brad Ziegler

Tim & Carli DeVries

Megan Grant


Abby & Jason Reiner
"We have considered Calvary home since we were both young. With that, Calvary has played a pivotal role in both our individual lives and our marriage. Since getting married in 2019, we have discussed becoming members of Calvary because of the work they do to advance the gospel—not only locally but globally. This led us to take the next step to commit ourselves to the local church, at Calvary, through membership."

Lois & Floyd Zook
"We were drawn to Calvary by its many opportunities to become equipped to PURSUE LIFE IN CHRIST.  Also, a very important mission is to reach others, both local and global, with the Gospel."