One key Next Step for anyone Pursuing Life in Christ is baptism. Baptism is a public declaration of your trust in Jesus Christ as the only means of personal salvation. Because baptism is a public declaration of an inner reality, we choose to celebrate baptism as part of our normal worship services, to encourage those already saved and to challenge those still seeking.






If you would like to be baptized

Adults will need to attend one of our scheduled Baptism Classes. After signing up below you will be contacted in the near future to get the process started.

5th -12th Grade Students will be contacted by a Children’s Ministry or Student Ministry staff member to help walk you through this process. Parents, we encourage you to teach your children the meaning and significance of baptism but it is important to remember the initiative to be baptized should come from them. We encourage parents to be a support to their decision and lovingly nudge them from time to time (if necessary) but not rush them through this process.

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