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Our current series is entitled Fulfilled, a study through the Gospel of Matthew. To more fully appreciate what we read in Matthew, we will look back through some aspects of the story of God's people, and see how those chapters relate not only to Matthew but to our lives as well.

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Overview of the Gospels

The gospels are theology revealed in the context of life. They are not strictly biographies or primarily historical documentations:

  • Each gospel moves from the birth of Jesus to His public ministry quickly.
  • Jesus’ life is arranged topically instead of chronologically.
  • The focus is on the last week of Jesus' life (authors commonly devoted a longer portion to how a character died, in the belief that how a person died said a lot about the person.) 
  • Each account had a specific audience and purpose. Even in the material that is similar or identical, the placement within their individual story is the key to revealing the purpose of the individual gospel.

 "The Gospel According To" Message

The Gospel According to Matthew


The King and his Kingdom

January 1

Matthew 3:1-4:16

January 8

Matthew 4:12-7:29

January 15

Matthew 8:1-9:34

January 22

Matthew 9:35-11:1

January 29

Matthew 11:1-12:50

February 5

Matthew 13:1-53



The Expectations of the King 

February 12

Matthew 13:53-16:20

February 19

Matthew 16:21-17:27

February 26

Matthew 18:1-19:2

March 5

Matthew 19:1-20:34

March 12

Matthew 21:1-22:14

March 19

Matthew 22:15-23:39

March 26

Matthew 24:1-26:1



The Crucified & risen messiah

April 2

Matthew 26:3-27:66

April 9

Matthew 28:1-15

April 16

Matthew 28:16-20