Calvary 56

Calvary 56 is a unique ministry for our 5th & 6th graders! Throughout the year, there are a variety of Bible teaching units that encourage and challenge the students to dig deeper into God’s Word. The focus is on ENCOUNTERING God and exploring His greatness, bringing about life-change through heart TRANSFORMATION, and DISCIPLESHIP by growing in faith, maturity, and wisdom, in order to lead others to Christ. The teaching units are taught in two-year cycles and address tween needs, spiritual disciplines, topical studies, and Bible characters.

Our prayer is to create an environment that will:

• Challenge kids to dig into God’s Word for themselves and apply it to their lives.
• Prepare kids spiritually for the changes that adolescence will bring.
• Create smooth transitions from Elementary to Student Ministries.
• Help kids build strong Christian friendships.

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5th-6th Grade Hallways


Discovery Clubs | September-April


This August-November, we are going through three series: ABBA, Diamonds, and Speak Up.

Take Home Papers

ABBA Series

We’re going to be exploring God’s love for us. It’s bigger than any love we can begin to understand. It’s perfect. It’s always for our good. It can be trusted above all else. And it’s forgiving. During these four weeks, preteens will trade in ideas they have of God’s love for them for ideas that are bigger and better!

Diamonds Series

We'll be talking about the pressures in life, and how we can respond to them in God-honoring ways. When we do, God uses the pressures to place treasure more valuable than diamonds in our hearts and minds. Over the four weeks of this series, we’ll look at four different types of pressures that preteens face.

Speak Up Series

We're going to be helping your preteens deepen their prayer life. We will be looking at prayer as more than just asking God for stuff. We’ll take your preteens on an imaginary journey through the Old Testament Tabernacle, and each week, they will take a very real journey closer to the God of the universe through prayer. During this series, your preteens will learn EIGHT different ways of praying.


We plan a variety of fun & engaging events to help build community and friendships between the students! A few of the upcoming events require permission forms—see the links below to view and download.

Game Night Permission Form
Retreat Parent Letter
Retreat Permission Form

Kid’s Choir is designed to give children the opportunity to develop their musical talents for the purpose of leading others in worship and bringing glory to the Lord through singing!

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If you have any questions, please contact our Director of C56, Meg Iseman, at