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Parent Handbook

For more detailed information about our ministry please read the Parent Handbook.

Parent Handbook 


At Calvary Church, Jon & Judi Brady and George May periodically teach the following seminars:

Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity

You'll learn how to help children make long-term changes. Giving practical application, relevant illustrations, and many helpful suggestions, Parenting is Heart Work will help you understand what the heart is and how you can mold and direct the heart of your child.

Attitudes, Anger, and Accepting No as an Answer

When they won’t accept no as an answer they may respond with tantrums, bad attitudes or use demanding tactics such as arguing, whining or badgering to get what they want. One of the best ways for parents to address these challenges is to move from the “issue” to the “process”, helping the children develop a plan for managing their own disappointments, frustrations and anger.


A variety of parenting classes are offered at different times of the year.

Child Dedication Class

In this class you will engage in a discussion of foundational biblical parenting principles and be exposed to an overview of Calvary’s ministries for you and your children. We count this class as so important that you will need to participate in it before you publicly dedicate your children at Calvary. You only need to take the class once.

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Gospel Threads

Sharing the gospel with our children is one of our greatest and most important responsibilities as parents! “Gospel Threads”, taught by our Director of Elementary Ministries, Kathy Noel, will help you learn how to weave the essential threads of the gospel into the fabric of everyday family life. Whether you are the parent of a toddler or a 6th grader, this training is for you! We will look at:

  • Preparing the soil of your child’s heart
  • Creating an environment in your home for sharing the gospel
  • The 6 essential threads of the gospel message and how to explain them to children
  • True belief versus “praying a prayer”
  • Evidence of new life
  • Tools and resources

So that we can communicate any last-minute details and because space is limited, please complete the form below to let us know you are planning to attend.

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Internet Safety Class

Is your home protected? This workshop will be providing practical instruction on shepherding your child's heart, but also on how to practically protect your home.

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Gospel Threads

Family Life Ministries has developed a tool called "Passport2Purity" (P2P) that will "assist you in building heart-to-heart communication with your preteen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare him or her for the turbulent years ahead."

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Parent Resources

One of our favorite sources for parenting support and education is the National Center for Biblical Parenting (NCBP) because they are biblical, focused on heart change, and have clear, practical strategies that are flexible. Sign up for their free e-mail tips here.

Biblical Parenting University is NCBP’s online resource providing you with an excellent place to take parenting classes on a number of relevant areas of family life.

Song Lists

Below is a listing of the songs taught to our Nursery and Early Childhood aged children.

Nursery Songs   Early Childhood Songs