go weekend

GO Weekend is an opportunity at the end of the year for Student Groups to go out into their communities and serve together.

This weekend will be the third of our big events for your Student Group each year. At FUSION we come together for groups to go deeper faster and build relationships. At the WINTER RETREAT we get away to push students to evaluate their spiritual lives and take the next step as they pursue life in Christ. At GO WEEKEND we look outwards and go into God’s world together, to serve our local communities.  

In order to participate in this GO Weekend Event, all students must complete the following document(s) and return to their Student Group LEADER:

 GO Weekend will consist of three parts:


  1. GO Night (Wed. 4/10 6:30p - 8pm)
    We will gather together on Wednesday Night to talk about the heart behind serving others and then break into our Student Groups to discuss what that means for your students and their service project.

  2. Service Saturday (Sat 4/13)
    As a group, students will serve together on Saturday! Some groups may even have a meal together before/after their time of serving, or plan a sleepover for the group. Contact leaders for details.

  3. Celebration Sunday (Sun 4/14 9:15-10:30a)
    Wake up and come to church to celebrate with all of CSM as we recap what groups were able to do and how God was able to work.

LEADERS: What are your Next Steps?

 DUE March 21

  • Step 1: Decide who/where to serve
    Your students should have come up with a list of people or places where they want to serve! Make a decision with your group which of these is the best fit. Communicate with the people you are going to serve to find out their needs and setup a time on Saturday, April 7 to go and serve them!

  • Step 2: Plan activities / sleepover (OPTIONAL)
    If it works for your group, partner with parents to find a place for your group to sleep over on Saturday night (or the night before, on Friday). If not a sleepover, consider having dinner together after serving!

  • Step 3: Organize Details - Plan your day/night
    Figure out what time you will serve, when and where you will meet, do you need food, maybe add a fun activity before or afterward.  Make sure to organize transportation.

  • Step 4: COMPLETE Online Form Below
    Let CSM Staff know when and where you are serving!

DUE March 28

  • Step 1: Hand out Parent Permission Slips
    You will need to PRE-FILL the form with your group's GO Weekend details! Ask the students to fill in the top as you give them the info.

  • Step 2: Communicate Final Details to Parents
    It is crucial that you send an email to the parents of your students with ALL of the details for your serving opportunity during GO Weekend - and make sure to add your coach to that email! 

DUE April 4

  • Step 1: Pick up GO Weekend Packet!
    Stop by the Connections Room to pick up your Student Group's GO Weekend packet! This will have a list of all students on the front, and will include Medical Release Forms. You will keep this packet with you for GO Weekend and will return it on Sunday, April 8.

  • Step 2: Collect Parent Permission Slips
    Students need to turn in their permission slips to the LEADERS! You will put these in your GO Weekend Packet and check off each student as you collect these forms.

DUE April 8

  • Step 1: Return GO Weekend Packet!
    Stop by the Connections Room to return your Student Group's GO Weekend packet! 

Leader Info Form

LEADERS: Please complete the form below
to submit your Student Group information for Go Weekend.


Go Weekend: Student Group Form

Please give a brief description of your service project for Go Weekend (including approx. start and end time).

Please give us the address (or approx. address) of your service project.

If you are doing extra activities or a sleepover: Please enter your sleepover / host home details (including address and times and any other details, if you are including extra activities).