Parent Information

It is our desire to partner with you in discipling your teenager. In order for that to happen, communication is key!  We have a number of avenues for you to stay connected:

Weekly Parent Emails
We regularly send out a Parent News email highlighting events, teaching series overviews, and other information for parents. 
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Parent Meeting
At the beginning of the ministry year (end of August), come and learn more about Calvary Student Ministry's vision and values, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities, as well as meet the CSM Staff. If you missed this meeting, make sure to check our parent email for any missed information, or contact any of the CSM Staff with questions.

Parent Involvement
Parent Volunteers are vital to our ministry at CSM! By volunteering with us periodically this year, you will be living out 2 of Calvary Church’s Values as you GROW with God’s People and INVEST in God’s Work… not to mention see what your student is up to! If you have any interest in investing in CSM as a Parent Volunteer or have any questions about any of these serving opportunities, please complete this form.

Student Baptism
Students who want to be baptized should click on the button below to complete the form. You will be contacted by Student Ministry staff member to help you walk through this process with a parent or mentor. Parents, we encourage you to teach your children the meaning and significance of baptism. It is important to remember the initiative to be baptized should come from them, and we encourage parents to support the decision of their children (lovingly nudging them from time to time, if necessary, but not rushing them through the process).
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Parent Resources
One of the ways that we strive to partner with parents is by offering a list of articles, websites and videos that are great resources for parents to understand and disciple their teens.