Small Group Leaders

Would you be willing to facilitate a small group this fall? Groups will start in September (varying by group) and focus on multiple topics. Leaders choose the day, frequency, and group size, and we will provide training, materials, and support along the way. A leader training meeting will take place on Sunday, August 4, at 11:00am in the East Room. Sign up below if you would consider leading a small group.

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Small Group Topics

Kingdom Values in a Political World

Jesus says, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” As we approach and participate in an election season, it is of utmost importance that we act and react in God-honoring ways to all that is going on around us for the sake of the Gospel. In this five-session series, your group will focus on those elements of our faith that bring unity and healing to the church as well as the people God has called us to reach.


Friendship & Relationship:
The RAM Series for Singles

Relationships do not run themselves and healthy relationships (of any kind) require pacing and thoughtful care. What are the predictors of a good long-term relationship? How can you be or prepare to be the right kind of person in any kind of relationship? This six-session small group series will help you build healthy relationships while engaging your head and your heart.


Becoming Better Together:
The RAM Series for Couples

Every marriage relationship has ups and downs, fluctuating feelings of closeness, fulfillment, and satisfaction. In fact, it’s normal for marriage relationships to become imbalanced by life's blessings, challenges, and failures. This six-session small group series will help you be empowered with new understanding of how to grow your marriage relationship as well as equip you with new skills to maintain your relationship closeness through the imbalances of life.


Sermon-Based Groups:
The Letter from James

Follow along with the Sunday Morning Main Service sermon series in the letter from James, the half-brother of Jesus. With your small group, discuss questions designed to help you Encounter, Engage, and Extend the passage and application from the preaching from the previous sermon.